The Future of AIOps
AIOPS · 2023/02/17
Artificial intelligence has been transforming the business world for some time, and AIOps is the next big thing. It combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate IT operations, enabling organizations to quickly identify and fix issues before they impact the business. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at AIOps and provide some examples of how it’s transforming the business landscape.

Training Services
OPERATION · 2021/06/21
The author shares a personal experience of delivering a boring training session, which led them to re-tool the session to make it interactive and engaging. The author emphasizes the importance of making training sessions interesting and participative to improve retention and ensure participants understand the subject matter. Tuning in to the audience and re-explaining from different perspectives also helps trainers gauge understanding and satisfaction among participants.

What is ITSM?
ITSM & ITIL · 2021/06/08
ITSM is a set of principles and practices that aim to manage IT services aligned with business needs. It helps in enhancing the service experience, consolidating IT services, improving IT productivity and providing visibility into processes and services.

What is ITIL?
ITSM & ITIL · 2021/05/24
ITSM tools have evolved from just incident tracking to include a variety of business functions. The core of ITIL is best practices, and companies turned to ITIL to apply sound IT-controls after financial and IT audits.

What is ServiceNow?
ITSM & ITIL · 2021/05/05
ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides digital workflows for enterprises. It enables organizations to simplify and automate various business processes, such as IT service management, human resources, customer service, and security operations, among others.

Remote work
OPERATION · 2020/06/15
This year, working at a (social) distance is becoming more important than before. Our pandemic containment has led managers to look for ways to improve productivity. The benefits are becoming more and more evident. The old ways aren't always the best for how our new reality affects business. New technologies for meeting organization and work tracking, the financial benefits of reduced office space and travel time, all make remote working attractive to both employer and employee. As companies...