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Coaxxion's Success Story

Coaxxion was born from a dynamic blend of solution-driven techno-geeks and a sales and marketing management team with decades of experience in the IT solutions market. Our success is based on our expertise in four critical areas: strategy, design, transition, and operation, each of which builds on the others.


We work in synergy to deliver enriched business solutions and faster project delivery on the ServiceNow™ platform. Our goal is to stand out from the competition by providing clients with effective, efficient end-products that are done right. We have the ability to look beyond the obvious end-results and communicate to our clients the long-term impacts of their projects.

Your Partner for ServiceNow Excellence

As a certified partner of ServiceNow™, we possess specialized expertise in harnessing the full potential of the Now Platform to craft tailored solutions that precisely align with our clients' distinct requirements. Our official partnership status equips us with real-time knowledge of the platform's latest advancements and industry best practices, consistently guaranteeing the success of every project we undertake.

Bridging Expertise
and Innovation

At Coaxxion, we proudly offer a bilingual team that seamlessly combines technical prowess with effective communication and cultural fluency in both English and French. This unique advantage allows us to serve clients in diverse work environments. As a trusted ServiceNow™ partner, we harness the full power of the platform, crafting tailor-made solutions that guarantee project success and keeping us at the forefront of industry advancements.


Our collaborations with other solution providers enhance our offerings, resulting in cost-effective, value-driven projects for our clients. Our core values, encompassing excellence, innovation, accountability, collaboration, integrity, and passion, serve as the driving force behind our commitment to delivering high-quality work and pioneering solutions while maintaining transparency and respect for our clients, partners, and team members.

Software Engineers
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