Of all the platforms and tools, why do we, at Coaxxion, choose to specialize in ServiceNow? Here are some of the main points: 

ServiceNow is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) - One Platform, Many Applications


All ServiceNow applications are under one platform. There is no need to write integrations between ServiceNow applications, they are already connected when they are installed – saving a significant amount of time and cost.


ServiceNow comes with a core set of applications such as Incident, Change, Problem and Knowledge Management. Using plugins, customers install additional application to expand your ServiceNow instance.

ServiceNow is in the cloud – much easier to maintain than on-premises applications


By using the cloud, customers skip all the on-premise install part of an implementation and can save significant time/costs.


Availability ServiceNow cloud aims to be always operational for our customers. No vacation, no extended upgrade or maintenance windows, no single points of failure.

Built for the enterprise, no ties to a local resource, and it can easily scale across multiple networks.

Simplicity and customizability


ServiceNow IT tools don’t require the IT department to set them up. Once running, they offer a single collection center for requests, data points and checklists, all of which can in turn be analyzed by algorithms to predict needs, flag concerns and measure efficiency.


A simple, flexible workflow that allows employees to easily manage their requests from IT, HR and across all the organization.

ServiceNow promises a single system of record, to meet the needs of employees.