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Many years ago, I was asked to deliver a 5-day training course on an HR application.  This was my first-time training people and I felt the pressure of delivering a quality session. Result: People fell asleep.  I almost fell asleep, I was so boring. I sought advice from the corporate training group and I completely re-tooled the session, by making the sessions interactive. What a difference!! I could see people taking in the subject matter and understanding the logic behind it.


From that point on I made sure that any training session I delivered had as much interaction and hands-on time as possible.  If as they say, participants only retain 35% of the training subject-matter, then every effort must be made to make training sessions interesting and participative. This takes time and effort. But when a participant understands the subject and their eyes light up, the trainer knows he has delivered a quality session. 


Being tuned-in to your audience is part of the interaction process and will help the trainer realize if the participants have understood the subject-matter. Re-explaining the subject from a different perspective, not just repetition, leaves the participant satisfied that this was not just another lecture. 


At Coaxxion, we offer ServiceNow training.  Be it for an out-of-the-box concept or customized to your environment, we are available to help you get the most out your ServiceNow application and your human resources. We work together to determine a training strategy optimized to your needs.

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