What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow, the Cloud-based company ...


Since 2004, this California-based company has made its mark in the Cloud computing industry with a ticket management system supported by an efficient monitoring system;ranging from simple lists, reports or sophisticated Dashboards.

Having reached the $1 billion revenue milestone, ServiceNow, has in the past 7 years, become a leader in the cloud computing industry, according to Gartner.

With an internet connection and a browser, Bang !! You have access to one of the most powerful IT management systems on the market.


ServiceNow, PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) ...

From its first versions, based on ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) best practices, the company has set up an ITSM (IT Service Management) oriented cloud platform.

Beyond ITSM, from the call center to artificial intelligence and the management of IT operations, it has subsequently been able to integrate the various departments of a company. With the help of increasingly sophisticated process and workflow automation solutions, this service platform now extends to the entire Enterprise and even more, thanks to inter-company integration tools.


Three types of users with their specific functions:

  • The "end user" is the one who requests assistance in terms of both IT Services and Business Services;
  • The "fulfiller" is a team or department manager who ensures that requests (most often in the form of tickets), related to the     variousfunctions of the company, are properly handled according to quality and speed expectations, requested by the company. 
  • "The admin", whether he is a configurator or a developer, corrects and improves the platform to meet the needs of the first two types of users.



According to recent statistics, more than 10,000 large companies use Servicenow.

Servicenow is not just a tool, it is know-how within a tool.

This is one of the main reasons why it stands out from the competition.

As soon as it is acquired, this platform, by its Cloud computing nature, frees up resources normally dedicated to infrastructure management, thus allowing these resources to be instead devoted to customer focused activities.

Many report productivity increases, as well speedy incident resolution and response to requests for information or enhancements.


Main modules used:


IT Service Management


IT Operations Management


IT Business Management


Customer Service Management

Now Platform


HR Service Delivery Application


 The use of ServiceNow is part of an approach made up of the following:  

  • Identification of IT and Business services and their classifications;
  • Full support for any type of calls or requests;
  • Integrated analytical functions to provide an increasingly automated service;
  • Dashboards allowing the monitoring of all actions and interventions;
  • Graphic representation of the relationships between components of the computer network;
  • Visibility of components history of IT problems

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With 20 years of combined experience in ServiceNow implementations and development, we at Coaxxion offer the skills of a professional team, to provide your projects an optimal added value and ensure successful implementations.

As a ServiceNow Partner, we will accompany you in all the phases of use of the multi-faceted application that is Servicenow.

We look forward to working together.



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